Nodobo mobile phone usage data

  • Alisdair McDiarmid (Creator)
  • James Irvine (Creator)
  • Stephen David Bell (Creator)
  • James Banford (Creator)



Nodobo-2011-01-v1 is the data gathered during a study of the mobile phone usage of 27 high-school students, from September 2010 to February 2011. This dataset includes 13035 call records, 83542 message records, 5292103 presence records, and other related data.

Our researchers developed "Nodobo", a set of software extensions to the Google Android operating system, for enabling the capture and replay of smartphone user interactions sessions.

The software captures a variety of social context data, including logs of phone calls, text messages, Bluetooth proximity detection, WiFi access point, and cell tower ID. The directionality of calls and text messages are recorded, along with the associated phone number, and the duration of the call or length of the message. Bluetooth proximity is detected every minute, and includes all devices in the study as well as any other clients which respond to service discovery. Basic positioning is achieved through WiFi hotspot and cell tower ID records.

The dataset is deposited and freely available (as a bzipped SQL dump of the sqlite3 database, registration required) from Crawdad Wireless Data Archive at Dartmouth College, USA.
Date made availableApr 2015
Temporal coverage9 Sept 2010 - 23 Feb 2011

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