MULTILSB: Multi-item lot-sizing with backlogging



There are a total of 4 test sets, each containing 30 instances. Some data and BOM structure is based on the test problems described by Simpson and Erenguc (2005), although the problem structure is changed and all the data is newly generated. For detailed information, please see the documentation provided in the .zip file. For instructions on how to use these instances, please see the readme file provided. LP relaxation bounds and heuristic solutions of the problems are also provided in the .zip file.

We used these instances for extensive computational tests; please see the first two papers listed below for details.

Three of our hardest instances (namely set3-10, set3-15 and set3-20) were also selected for MIPLIB 2010 (see

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Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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