Microseismic data from Aquistore (Canada).



This data set includes microseismic and structural geological data collected at Aquistore (Canada). They cover a period from 26th April - 21st June 2015, during which CO2 was being injected in the Aquistore injection well at 3.5 km depth.

The data were collected in the framework of a research project funded by UKCCSRC (EPSRC) and based at Aquistore in order to identify whether any microseismic events, that could be related to the CO2 injection, took place during this period and use of these events to image potential flowpathways at depth.

The data were collected at a sampling rate of 1000Hz using a short-period microseismic array with a 25m aperture, consisting of one three-component and three one-component sensors (Lennartz, MKIII and MKII lite). The array was placed at 50cm depth, approximately 150m away from the injection well. Acquisition was continuous during the above period.

The microseismic data are available in PASCAL or ASCII format. Full details on equipment used in data collection and data formats are available in the README file.

Due to commercial constraints this dataset is currently under embargo until the end of 2017.
Date made available9 Sept 2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production26 Apr 2015 - 21 Jun 2015
Geographical coverageEstevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

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