Mechanical Testing Data

  • David Alexander Peter Paterson (Creator)



Mechanical testing data for tensile tests in the direction of the fibre for uni-directional CFRP. Both virgin and rf-CFRP tests were undertaken.

Data emabrgo 01/11/2018
Date made available30 May 2018
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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Paterson, D. A. P. (Creator) (30 May 2018). Mechanical Testing Data. University of Strathclyde. v_CFRP_2(.xls), v_CFRP_1(.xls), v_CFRP_3(.xls), v_CFRP_4(.xls), v_CFRP_5(.xls), TRF_CFRP_sample_1(.xls), TRF_CFRP_sample_2(.xls), TRF_CFRP_sample_3(.xls), TRF_CFRP_sample_4(.xls), TRF_CFRP_sample_5(.xls). 10.15129/b0e880c0-d109-4724-9e3f-00b3225bc81f