MaRINET2 Tidal "Round Robin" dataset: comparisons between towing and circulating tanks test results for a tidal energy converter submitted to wave and current interactions



This dataset comes from a comparative "Round Robin" testing programme, which has been conducted as part of the MaRINET2 program. The main purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the impact of different experimental facilities on a horizontal axis tidal turbine model when it is exposed to wave and current interactions. The aim of the trials was to test the turbine in five different test facilities to explore the sensitivity of the results to the choice of facility. The facilities comprised two towing tanks, two circulating water channels and one open-sea facility. Performance assessments in terms of torque, drag, blade root forces, wave and inflow speed are recorded for various wave and current conditions.

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Date made available31 Mar 2023
PublisherSEANOE (SEA scieNtific Open data Edition)
Date of data production2021

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