Low-Cost Distributed Multi-Parameter Sensing for Energy Networks (InnovateUK Catalyst)

  • John Nelson (Creator)



Accuracy data produced from the testing of low-cost distributed, multi-parameter sensors. The files in this dataset were created by testing novel optically-interrogated current sensors against the requirements of IEC-61869-8 (replacing the old IEC-60044-8). Specifically, these are the results obtained by applying the standard accuracy type tests to the novel sensors. A Readme file is included with the datasets.
Date made available10 Mar 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage10 Oct 2015 - 10 Oct 2016

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Nelson, J. (Creator) (10 Mar 2017). Low-Cost Distributed Multi-Parameter Sensing for Energy Networks (InnovateUK Catalyst). University of Strathclyde. 2Vpp_16p67Hz_fft, 2Vpp_50Hz_fft, 2Vpp_150Hz_fft, 2Vpp_100Hz_fft, 2Vpp_200Hz_fft, 2Vpp_250Hz_fft, 20Vpp_50Hz_fft, FFT_All(.m), 2Vpp_48Hz_fft, 2Vpp_51Hz_fft, 16p67Hz(.png), 48Hz(.png), 50Hz(.png), 50Hz5P10(.png), 51Hz(.png), 100Hz(.png), 150Hz(.png), 200Hz(.png), 250Hz(.png), Nelson_et_al_2016(.pdf), readme(.txt). 10.15129/5a62ac25-3033-438a-a4bd-e67c344ea8ef