Laser spectroscopy of NV- and NV0 colour centres in synthetic diamond

  • Vasili Savitski (Creator)
  • Alan Kemp (Contributor)
  • Elisabeth Fraczek (Contributor)
  • MATTHEW DALE (Contributor)
  • BEN BREEZE (Contributor)
  • PHIL DIGGLE (Contributor)
  • Matthew L. Markham (Contributor)
  • ANDREW BENNETT (Contributor)
  • HARPREET DHILLON (Contributor)
  • MARK NEWTON (Contributor)



The names of the *.dat files corresponds to figure numbers in the manuscript, with the title of each columns in the first row of the file. There are total 11 data files. These were created for the purposes of the European Research Council (grant number 278389), Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd., and the Royal Academy of Engineering.
Date made available27 Apr 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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