Grating chips for quantum technologies



This is the dataset associated with our paper, in which 3x10^6 87Rb atoms are cooled to 3uK in a micro-fabricated grating magneto-optical trap (GMOT). We magnetically trap the atoms, and use Larmor spin precession for magnetic sensing in the vicinity of the atomic sample. We demonstrate an array of magneto-optical traps with a single laser beam. The dataset is associated with the production of Figs 2,3,4,6. The .csv files associated with the production of Figs 2, 3 and 4 are attached as well as the raw images used in Fig 6.
Date made available15 Feb 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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Arnold, A. (Creator), McGilligan, J. P. (Creator). (15 Feb 2017). Grating chips for quantum technologies. University of Strathclyde. Figure_2(.csv), Figure_3_a_(.csv), Figure_4(.csv), Figure_3_b_c_(.csv), Figure_3_a_(.csv), Figure_3_b_c_(.csv), Figure_4(.csv), 2mot1052(.png), 4MOT(.png), 1MOT(.png). 10.15129/79a69c9c-3f61-428f-b52e-366017fafa89