FMC dataset - Centreline crack in Inconel 82/182 weld



MATLAB dataset. Full matrix capture data from the ultrasonic phased array inspection of a test piece which consists of an Inconel 82/182 weld. The parent material to the right of the weld is 316L stainless steel and to the left is carbon steel with an Inconel 182 buttering layer between this and the weld. A centreline vertical rough crack of 12mm length is embedded 37mm from the sample face on which the transducer is placed. Further experimental details can be found in the attached metadata file.
This data was collected under an RCNDE targeted project which involved collaboration between the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Strathclyde, the Centre of Ultrasonic Engineering at Strathclyde and 5 industrial partners (AMEC, NNL, Rolls Royce, Shell and Weidlinger). The dataset here will be made publicly accessible under EPSRC regulations.
Date made available2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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