Detection of potentially toxic metals by SERS using salen complexes



Paper for submission to a journal along with corresponding Supplementary Information (ESI) and dataset.

Dataset file includes:
SERS data from the salen concentration study
SERS data for metal-salen complexes (in distilled water) along with LOD studies
SERS concentration relationships for Loch Thom freshwater
SERS analysis of Gourock burn contaminated water
ICP-MS results for all freshwater samples collected

Full experimental description of each file is described in the main paper.
Date made available20 Apr 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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Docherty, J. A. (Creator), Mabbott, S. (Contributor), Smith, W. E. (Contributor), Reglinski, J. (Contributor), Davidson, C. (Contributor), Faulds, K. (Supervisor), Graham, D. (Supervisor). (20 Apr 2017). Detection of potentially toxic metals by SERS using salen complexes. University of Strathclyde. Detection_of_Potentially_Toxic_Metals_by_SERS_using_Salen_Complexes(.zip), Detection_of_potentially_toxic_metals_by_SERS_using_salen_complexes(.docx), Detection_of_potentially_toxic_metals_by_SERS_using_salen_complexes_ESI(.docx). 10.15129/b5e3ddf9-18fd-4142-8e7a-e9a0faedb4ff