Detection of Cortisol in Serum Using Quantitative Resonance Raman Spectroscopy

  • Kirsten Gracie (Creator)
  • Karen Faulds (Supervisor)
  • Duncan Graham (Supervisor)
  • Susan Pang (Contributor)
  • Gerwyn Jones (Contributor)
  • Julian Braybrook (Contributor)



The dataset comprises of excel files containing the raw and processed data for Figures 2-7 in the manuscript.
Figure 2 dataset is the excel spreadsheet that contains data that was analysed for the purpose to show the difference between using two different microtitre plates, known as Fluorotrac200 and Fluorotrac600.
Figure 3 is broken down into 3 datasets for the three rows (C, D and E) that were analysed using the Fluorotrac200 microtitre plate. Data used for Figure 4 is also conatined in the file 'Figure 3 Row C Data...'. This data represents the results when using the Fluorotrac200 to detect free cortisol in a sample. Both figures were to show the results obatined when detecting free cortisol in a sample.
Figure 5 dataset has been saved as a zip file and contains three spreadsheets for the three rows analysed, to show the results obtained for the total cortisol quantitation assay.
Figure 6 dataset included the raw and processed data for the total cortisol assay, showing two rows (C and D) using the Fluorotrac200 plate detecting the total cortisol present in a sample.
Figure 7 dataset contains the results obatined from using the Aushon chemiluminescence assay to form the basis of a comparison between this and the Raman method, all presented in an excel spreadsheet.

Data embargo until 10/08/17
Date made available8 Feb 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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