Demonstration application for the real-time interpolator for parametric curves

  • Wenbin Zhong (Creator)



The authors have developed two applications for readers to test the Real-time Interpolator algorithms. Those algorithms are implemented in the RTInterpolator.exe Windows application. It can interpret the specified G-code and generate interpolated points, which can be sent to servo system to control axes motions.

The IntDataVisu.m is a Matlab program, it is used to visualize the output file from RTInterpolator.exe. It helps readers to analyze the characteristics of the Real-time Interpolator with user-friendly figures.

Full documentation is available in the PDF file provided in the zip file. Please note that an updated versions (Ver 1.1) of this data is available and linked to from this record.
Date made available26 May 2017
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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