Dataset for Combined Time of Flight and Photometric Stereo Imaging for Surface Reconstruction



The data set contains all the data used to produce the figures displayed in the abstract paper. It contains the image (PNG) and the MP4 video, taken with a Samsung Galaxy Phone, of the sphere and cube for the photometric stereo imaging process. The four images obtained from the video file are provided in the PNG format (LED_1, LED_2, LED_3 and LED_4). These four images are used to calculate the surface normal components of the sphere. The surface normal result is saved in a hdf5 file format under the name "surface_normals". Each surface normal components are also provided in a PNG file format (Nx, Ny, Nz and the Albedo). The final reconstruction of the sphere is given in a PNG file ("z_rec_final" and "z_top") but can also be found in the matlab file "data_set_fused_imaging.mat". All the data used in this abstract are in this matlab file. A description of each variables is given in a text format "matlab_set_description". Matlab format .mat can be read with open softwares, such as Octave. For the Time of Flight imaging, the data can be found in the matlab file but are also given in a PNG file ("surperposition_mask" and "ToF_quanticam") which are respectively the mask obtained with the TCSPC mode of the SPAD camera and the range map.
Date made available2 Apr 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production13 Mar 2020 - 2 Apr 2020

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