Data supporting "A Fast and Non-destructive Terahertz Dissolution Assay for Immediate Release Tablets"

  • Prince Bawuah (Creator)
  • Daniel Markl (Contributor)
  • Alice Turner (Contributor)
  • Mike Evans (Contributor)
  • Alessia Portieri (Contributor)
  • Daniel Farrell (Contributor)
  • Ralph Lucas (Contributor)
  • Andrew Anderson (Contributor)
  • Daniel J. Goodwin (Contributor)
  • J. Axel Zeitler (Contributor)



Raw data underpinning the publication. The files contained in this archive are .csv files provided in plain ASCII text format. In the root folder of the archive the Excel spreadsheet tablets_parameters.xlsx provides information about all samples in terms of the physical characteristics of all tablets analysed. There are two sub-folders, one for the indomethacin and one for the ibuprofen tablets, respectively. each folder contains Excel spreadsheets with the refractive index spectra of each sample in the frequency range of 02 to 2.3 THz. The raw data is also provided as individual .csv files for ease of use in individual sub-folders. In addition to the refractive index spectra, the sub-folders also contain the raw time-domain waveforms from which the frequency-domain refractive index spectra were extracted using the methodology described in the paper.

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Date made available4 May 2023
PublisherApollo Cambridge

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