Data resulting from an investigation of wide-bandgap silicon-doped AlGaN



This dataset is the result of an investigation into the influence of Si doping on the morphology and luminescence properties of wide-bandgap AlGaN layers. The dataset contains data acquired from three different samples with approximately the same AlN% and a different Si concentration. The data was acquired using an FEI Quanta 250 environmental scanning electron microscope. The secondary electron (SE) and backscattered electron (BSE) images were produced using the manufacturer-supplied software while the cathodoluminescence (CL) hyperspectral images were acquired using a proprietary software package, CHIMP. Figure numbers in the data file descriptions refer to the Applied Physics Letters paper by Kusch et al. (2015) referenced in the related publications section.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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