Data for:"Non-destructive Identification of Fibre Orientation in Multi-ply Biaxial Laminates Using Contact Temperature Sensors"



This data set contains temperature against time for 3 types of fibre orientation composite laminate structure for use in identifying thermal spread. headers are:
TimeStamp = date and time of recorded data,
TestName = [Sample type]_[run number]_[day identifier],
SP = Set point for heat mat,
T1 = heat mat feedback,
T2-T4 = ambient,
T5-T68 probes 1-64 (8 x 8 grid array spaced 37.5mm apart),
P1 = power % to heat mat,
P2-4 = power % to unused heatmats.
Date made available10 Jul 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production19 Feb 2020 - 27 Feb 2020

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