Data for: "Structural Studies of Donor-Free and Donor-Solvated Sodium Carboxylates"



The data set contains four files:
1. NMR data (zip file)
2. Infrared data (zip file)
3. Crystallographic information file (X-ray crystallographic data)
4. CheckCIF (for X-ray crystallographic data)
This data relates to the research reported in the manuscript "Structural Studies of Donor-Free and Donor-Solvated Sodium Carboxylates", carried out in connection with the EPSRC DTP award EP/N509760/1.
Please note that the NMR data contained in File 1 requires a specialist program such as Topspin or Mestrelab; the CIF file (File 3) requires a program such as Diamond or Mercury to view and the infrared data contained in File 2 requires Microsoft Excel or Origin to view.
Date made available2 Mar 2021
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2019 - 2020

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