Data for: "Stated preference approach: Accounting costs and benefits of Taiwanese firms 2013-2014"



The dataset follows an earlier study in the UK (see data for "Stated preferences: Accounting costs and benefits of UK firms 2013-2014" below), and focuses on Taiwanese firms.

The data collected is used to capture Taiwanese firms’ perceived costs and benefits of adopting different financial reporting regimes (such as IFRS and local GAAP) and techniques (such as capitalising or expensing R&D costs). It is further used to analyse whether firms' accounting choices are beneficial, based on cost-benefit analysis. A potential regulatory change (i.e., the introduction of IFRS for SMEs) is also considered in this study.

The data were collected through the questionnaire survey and face-to-face interviews in 2013 and 2014. The survey and interviews were conducted in Mandarin. The English translation of the questionnaire and the agenda of the semi-structured interview, used in this research, can also be found below.

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Date made available18 Mar 2021
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage2013 - 2014
Date of data production2013 - 2014
Geographical coverageTaiwan
  • Explaining IFRS reluctance with case study vignettes

    Hsu, Y-L. & Reid, G. C., 14 Mar 2023, (E-pub ahead of print) In: Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting. 40 p.

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