Data for: "Reappraisal of surface wave magnitudes in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Middle East"

  • N. N. Ambraseys (Creator)
  • John Douglas (Creator)



Data to compute station magnitudes presented in this article by Ambraseys and Douglas (2000). The file stationamplitudes.txt is a text file containing the amplitude and period data used in study (mainly from horizontal components except where there only the vertical components data was reported). The file has the following format:

Format of summary line for each earthquake:
Mean Prague magnitude, standard deviation, mean modified Prague magnitude, standard deviation and number of stations used.
Fortran format statement used for reading in summary line:

Format of amplitude and period lines:
Station code,period 1,amplitude 1,period 2,amplitude 2,epicentral distance in degrees, Prague magnitude, difference between station magnitude and mean, modified Prague magnitude and difference between station magnitude and mean.
Fortran format statement used for reading in amplitude and period data:

See article for details.
Date made available3 May 2018
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage2 Jul 1902 - 26 Apr 1996
Date of data productionAug 1998 - Dec 1999
Geographical coverageSouth-eastern Europe and Middle East

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