Data for: "R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for the Na-like iso-electronic sequence." (Na-like iso-electronic sequence : J/A+A/500/1263)

  • G.Y. Liang (Creator)
  • A.D. Whiteford (Creator)
  • Nigel Badnell (Creator)



Na-like iso-electronic sequence : J/A+A/500/1263

VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'R-matrix electron-impact excitation data for the Na-like iso-electronic sequence.' (bibcode: 2009A&A...500.1263L).

We present our calculated data including energy levels, radiative decay rates and effective collision strengths for all the transitions among the 32 fine-structure levels arising from the 18 lowest LS states of Na-like iso-electronic sequence, i.e. those with configurations: 2p(6)3l (l=s,p,d); 2p(6)4l (l=s,p,d,f); 2p(6)5l (l=s,p,d,f,g); 2p(6)6l (l=s,p,d,f,g,h). The effective collision strengths at 13 temperatures ranging from 2x102(q+1)2 to 2x106(q+1)2 K, where q is the residual charge of ions, i.e. Z-11, have been calculated using the ICFT R-matrix method. The data format adopts ADAS adf04 format, see the file at website

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Date made available16 Jan 2023
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Date of data production2009

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