Data for: "Process Selection Methodology for Near Net Shape Manufacturing"



The Process Screening Matrix (ProSMA) examines the technical feasibility of candidate processes to reduce the number of possible manufacturing processes to investigate. ProSMa gives in output a cluster (array) of viable processes (which could include the processes used in the original component production) for a combination of production volume, material and shape to investigate.
ProSMa's rows and columns are associated with input are the production volume (from "very low" to "very high"), material (ferrous and non-ferrous and alloys) and component's geometry (excluding bi-dimensional geometry and continuous productions). The component's geometry classification is presented in the data-set as well.
The output processes are classified in: casting, forming and additive layer manufacturing processes, including existing and emerging technologies
Date made available30 Jun 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2018 -

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