Data for: "Pressure-induced polymorphism of caprolactam: a neutron diffraction study"

  • Ian Hutchison (Data Collector)
  • Craig L. Bull (Contributor)
  • William G. Marshall (Contributor)
  • Andrew Urquhart (Contributor)
  • Iain Oswald (Creator)



Data contained herein for characterization of the two new phases of caprolactam including single-crystal X-ray and neutron-powder diffraction. The single crystal diffraction images are in their native format (.sfrm, Bruker format). Neutron diffraction data files in readily accessible .DAT format that can be viewed using a text editor application. We have used TOPAS academic for refinement but GSAS or any other powder diffraction software should cope with the data. The refined peak shape parameters from Cerium oxide and Silicon have been used and their data is present in the dataset also.
Date made available3 Jun 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production1 Jan 2016 - 2 May 2019

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