Data for "Optoelectronic tweezers system for single cell manipulation and fluorescence imaging of live immune cells"

  • Abigail H. Jeorrett (Creator)
  • Steven L. Neale (Creator)
  • David Massoubre (Creator)
  • Erdan Gu (Contributor)
  • Robert K. Henderson (Creator)
  • Owain Millington (Creator)
  • Keith Mathieson (Creator)
  • Martin Dawson (Creator)



A compact optoelectronic tweezers system for combined cell manipulation and analysis is presented. CMOS-controlled gallium nitride micro-LED arrays are used to provide simultaneous spatio-temporal control of dielectrophoresis traps within an optoelectronic tweezers device and fluorescence imaging of contrasting dye labelled cells. This capability provides direct identification, selection and controlled interaction of single T-lymphocytes and dendritic cells. The trap strength and profile for two emission wavelengths of micro-LED array have been measured and a maximum trapping force of 13.1 and 7.6 pN was achieved for projected micro-LED devices emitting at λmax 520 and 450 nm, respectively. A potential application in biological research is demonstrated through the controlled interaction of live immune cells where there is potential for this method of OET to be implemented as a compact device.

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Date made available21 Jun 2023
Date of data production2017

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