Data for: "Optics Express - On-chip GaN-based dual-color micro-LED arrays and their application in visible light communication"

  • Jose Filipe Correia Carreira (Creator)



Blue-violet and blue-green micro-LED arrays fabrication, characterisation and visible light communication application is reported in this work. Data includes two .tiff files from the atomic force microscope and 1 origin file. The origin file contains: 1) current density-voltage-optical power curves, electroluminescence spectra and bandwidth vs current density for all the micro-LEDs; 2) CIExy coordinates and associated EL spectra for blue-green and blue-violet micro-LED arrays; 3) SNR, bit allocation, and data rate for both micro-LED arrays in WDM VLC.
Date made available30 Aug 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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