Data for: "Optical Screening and Classification of Drug-binding to Proteins in Human Blood Serum"

  • Samantha Rutherford (Creator)
  • Alison Nordon (Creator)
  • Neil Hunt (Creator)
  • Matthew Baker (Creator)
  • Anthony Parker (Creator)
  • Gregory Greetham (Creator)
  • Christopher Hutchison (Creator)



This dataset contains 2D-IR spectra, in csv format. Each spectrum is a matrix whereby the columns denote the pump (excitation) axis and the rows are the probe (detection) axis. Each sample has two corresponding spectra at two different waiting times (0.25 and 5.0) and is allocated a number in order to identify correct pairs for each sample.
Date made available26 Oct 2023
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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