Data for: "Novel algorithms for 3D surface point cloud boundary detection and edge reconstruction"

  • Carmelo Mineo (Creator)
  • Gareth Pierce (Creator)
  • Rahul Summan (Creator)



The dataset contains the source MATLAB version of the figures included in the paper, which is available through the link:

Moreover, the dataset contains two examples of boundary points detection (BPD). The examples show the use of the compiled version of the published BPD algorithm, which is described in the paper. The two examples show that all boundary points are correctly detected for the point clouds of a fan blade curved surface and the point cloud of half Stanford bunny.

The prerequisites to run the compiled version of the BPD algorithm (boundaryPoints.exe) are:
- 64-bit Windows operating system;
- MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) R2016a (9.0.1);

It is possible to download the MCR installer for MATLAB R2016a from the MathWorks Web site, by navigating to:

You will need administrator rights to run the MCR installer. For more information about the MCR and the MCR installer, see Distribution to End Users in the MATLAB Compiler documentation in the MathWorks Documentation Center.
Date made available17 Sept 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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