Data for: "Ni/Au contacts to corundum α-Ga2O3"

  • Fabien Massabuau (Creator)
  • F Adams (Creator)
  • David Nicol (Creator)
  • J Jarman (Creator)
  • M Frentrup (Creator)
  • J Roberts (Creator)
  • T O'Hanlon (Creator)
  • A Kovacs (Creator)
  • P Chalker (Creator)
  • R Oliver (Creator)



The structural, chemical and electrical properties of Ni/Au contacts to atomic layer deposited α-Ga2O3 were investigated. Ni forms a Schottky contact with α-Ga2O3, irrespectively of the post-annealing temperature. No sign of metal oxidation was observed at the metal-semiconductor interface (unlike what is observed for other metals like Ti), and instead, the metallurgical processes of the Ni-Au bilayer dominate the electrical properties. It is found that 400-450oC is the optimal annealing temperature, which allows for metal diffusion to heal gaps at the metal/semiconductor interface, but is not sufficient for Ni and Au to significantly interdiffuse and form an alloy with compositional inhomogeneities.
Date made available13 Feb 2023
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

    Massabuau, Fabien (Recipient), 2020

    Prize: National/international honour

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