Data for: "Neutral Organic Super Electron Donors Made Catalytic"

  • Simon Rohrbach (Creator)



This data set accompanies the paper "Neutral Organic Super Electron Donors Made Catalytic (".
Abstract of the paper: Neutral organic super electron donors (SEDs) display impressive reducing power but, until now, it has not been possible to use them catalytically in radical chain reactions. This is because, following electron transfer, these donors form persistent radical cations that trap substrate-derived radicals. This paper unlocks a conceptually new approach to super electron donors that overcomes this issue, leading to the first catalytic neutral organic super electron donor.

To interact with the data set a NMR processing software such as Mesternova is required (you will break my heart if you open it in topspin...) and GaussView.
Date made available6 Aug 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2018 - 2019

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