Data for: "Investigation of molecular and mesoscale clusters in undersaturated glycine aqueous solutions"

  • Georgina Zimbitas (Creator)



This dataset presents the data used to plot the various graphs of the aforementioned paper (DOI:

The data is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet containing three tabs. Each tab refers to data from a specific data acquisition technique, for example the DLS tab refers to data obtained via DLS, which includes hydrodynamic radii for the various clusters and scattered intensity values.

Data within the spreadsheet is labelled with headers, for clarity. Headers clearly state data such as radii (and the units), scattered intensity (e.g. Normalised Count Rate, NCR, arbitrary units) etc. Abbreviations used are as explained within the associated publication.
Date made available19 Jul 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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