Data for: "Investigation of Cellular Uptake Mechanism of Functionalised Gold Nanoparticles into Breast Cancer Using SERS"



The purpose of this dataset is to use 3D SERS for the first time as a sensitive, non-destructive and straightforward technique for investigating the cellular uptake processes of functionalised nanotags in the entire volume of the cells. 3D SERS provides an information rich approach to monitoring the intracellular internalisation of the nanotags, which highlights the role of functionalisation of SERS nanotags in biological environments. Modified nanoparticles are of great interest to the scientific community and this paper demonstrates one approach that will provide significant value to the armoury in understanding novel nanoconstructs and their interactions with cells.

Moratorium on data access until 27/11/21
Date made available18 May 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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