Data for: "Intrinsic and apparent gas permeability of heterogeneous and anisotropic ultra-tight porous media"

  • Lefki Germanou (Creator)
  • Minh-Tuan Ho (Contributor)
  • Yonghao Zhang (Supervisor)
  • Lei Wu (Supervisor)



This dataset consists of 400 QSGS-generated geometries. The nominal QSGS parameters used for their generation are stated in the “cases.txt” file. For every set of parameters, 10 random geometries were generated. The attached files provide the data of the above binary structures, post-processed, so that the occluded pores are removed. For further information the reader is referred to the paper.

Filename format: QSGSx_y: where x is the case number (1 to 40) and y is the geometry number (1 to 10).

Dataset held externally on Mendeley
Date made available4 Jun 2019

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