Data for: "Imaging of material defects with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer"

  • Patrick Bevington (Creator)
  • Witold Chalupczak (Creator)
  • Rafal Gartman (Creator)



Fig2: Excel sheet showing the signals noise spectrum with an rf field, without an rf field and without an atomic signal.

Fig3: Excel sheet showing amplitude and linewidth data as fluxgate its moved away from atomic vapour cell.

Fig4: Measured and simulated 2D amplitude and phase plots recorded over Aluminium plate with circular recess.

Fig5: Simulated 2D image of the amplitude of the bx, by and bz components (shown in Fig4).

Fig6: Measured 2D amplitude plots recorded over Aluminium plate with circular recesses with varying diameter.

Fig7: Measured and simulated image contrast and feature size with varying recess diameter.

Fig8: 2D amplitude and phase data recorded over an Aluminium plate with an angled cutout.
Date made available9 Oct 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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