Data for: "Geopolymer-based moisture sensors for reinforced concrete health monitoring"



The data are:
1. data files .DTA for each of the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy measurement, acquired by means of the Gamry Instruments interface interrogation system;
2. excel files with the mass weight record for each sample measuremen, taken by a balance;
3. excel files with the data records of the concentrations of Na, Si and Cl ions, acquired from the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP) and ion chromatography (IC) measurements;
3. raw data files .text, with the records of temperature and Relative Humidity from a usb data logger.
Date made available27 Jan 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Temporal coverage2017 - Jan 2020
Date of data production2017 - Jan 2020

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BIONDI, L. (Creator), Perry, M. (Supervisor) (27 Jan 2020). Data for: "Geopolymer-based moisture sensors for reinforced concrete health monitoring". University of Strathclyde. POINT_1_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), POINT_2_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), POINT_5_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), POINT_3_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), POINT_6_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), POINT_4_T_cycle_moisture_EIS_data(.zip), Water_contents_sample_for_T_cycle_and_moisture_sensing(.zip), ICP_and_IC_data_leaching_(.zip), Moisture_repeatability_data(.zip), T_cycle_repeatability_data(.zip). 10.15129/0cf16407-9a11-4184-ab97-686507f7c857