Data for: "Fabrication and transfer printing based integration of free-standing GaN membrane micro-lenses onto semiconductor chips"



The dataset underpins the plotted and processed data in the paper and is ordered by the figure and subfigure it relates too. Figures in the supplemental document are indicated with an "S" before the number. Files are in .txt (AFM profiles, FDTD simulations), .tiff (CCD data, 2D AFM data) and .png (CCD data) format and are self-explanatory by file name and with the article as reference. For figure 6 b)/c), the raw data images contain three similar devices, from which only one is presented in the paper and can be identified by the microscope images. The .png files are included to illustrate that the raw images were separated into RGB colors, only using green. Some FDTD simulations contain refractive index data that can be used to display the contours of the structures as it is done in the article.
Date made available7 Nov 2022
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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