Data for: "Estimation of initial rate from discontinuous progress data"



File Supplementary Info is the Supporting Information for the paper, and contains an index to all the other files, which are Excel spreadsheets
Date made available13 Mar 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2018 - 2020

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Halling, P. (Creator) (13 Mar 2020). Data for: "Estimation of initial rate from discontinuous progress data". University of Strathclyde. Supplementary_Info_BCBT_final(.pdf), Fit_quad_vs_linear(.xlsm), Fit_quadratic(.xlsm), Fit_straight(.xlsm), Linear_test_datasets(.xlsx), Poor_method(.xlsx), Quad_fit_results(.xlsx), Fit_initial_rates(.xlsm), Simulate_init_rate(.xlsm), Test_datasets(.xlsx), Fit_linear_with_rules(.xlsm), Fit_initial_rate(.xlsm), Linear_fit_results(.xlsx), T_tests(.xlsm), Mod_lin_fit_results(.xlsx), Quad_Lin_fit_results(.xlsx), Fit_results(.xlsx). 10.15129/94f789c4-cdb5-4013-8f89-dce80c028d3b