Data for: "Discrete Power-Stepping Pulse Amplitude Modulation for Optical Camera Communications Employing CMOS-Integrated GaN LED Array"



A 16x16 light-emitting diode (LED) array has been used to enable 4-level power-stepping pulse amplitude modulation (4PAM), which relaxes the requirement to digital to analogue converter. For this purpose, a lens was used to project the defocused pattern of the LED array onto a wall. An iPhone 7 plus camera was used to capture the variations in the intensity in each image.
This dataset contains 3 files with 1 type of data, in CSV format which was created to access the raw data of the figures 2 of the paper.
The values in the data sets are normalized values of received power. The temporal resolution is ~6.4935 us.
Date made available28 Oct 2020
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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