Data for: "Automated high accuracy, rapid beam hardening correction in X-Ray Computed Tomography of multi-mineral, heterogeneous core samples"



This dataset contains beam hardening correction macros, running on ImageJ software. It does not require any a priori knowledge of the material, distance from the source or the scan conditions (current, energy), nor any segmentation of phases or calibration scan on phantom data. It is suitable for expert and non-expert use alike.

Workflow is included in "Step by step procedure" file.
Two versions of the code are provided. Please use the “BeamHardening_Correction_plugin_NOaverage_profile” ijm file, if there is a gradient in average gray values from top to bottom of your sample.
- ImageJ/FIJI. Download available at
- Radial Profile Extended plug-in (Carl P., 2006). Download available at

If you intend to use this code or create derivative works, please give proper attribution to this work and authors by citing the DOI of the related paper.

Check updates of the codes at:

For more info and questions, please contact the creator Carla Romano via the contact address provided on this page.
Date made available8 Apr 2018
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production9 Jan 2017 - 15 Dec 2017

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