Data for: "A novel integrated workflow for isolation solvent selection using prediction and modelling"



In the ESI there are two folders: gPROMS prediction and solubility prediction.
In gPROMS prediction folder there are the model B and the different simulations of model B, with the data analysis.
I solubility prediction folder there are the COSMOtherm simulations.
Binary plot prediction solvent selection paper excel file contains the solubility binary plots used in model B.
PCM-Dry excel files contain the particle size analysis of the two paracetamol grades.
The solvent selection paper and the visio solvent selection paper file contain the workflow diagram.
In solvent selection paper calculation from gPROM there is the data analysis of model A and model B simulations.
The remaining pfd and excel files are the HPLC analysis of the different samples used for the validation.
Date made available26 Apr 2021
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production20 Dec 2020

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