Coherent control of radiation patterns of nonlinear multiphoton processes in nanoparticles



We model a scheme for the coherent control of light waves and currents in metallic nanospheres which applies independently of the nonlinear multiphoton processes at the origin of waves and currents. Using exact mathematical formulae, we calculate with a custom fortran code the effect of an external control field which enable us to change the radiation pattern and suppress radiative losses or to reduce absorption, enabling the particle to behave as a perfect scatterer or as a perfect absorber. Data are provided in tabular, comma delimited value format and illustrate narrow features in the response of the particles that result in high sensitivity to small variations in the local environment, including subwavelength spatial shifts.

This dataset includes a Readme file which contains a description for each csv file
Date made available13 Apr 2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2 Apr 2015

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