CLD Inversion Software



This is the software for converting a measured chord length distribution (CLD) data to particle size distribution (PSD). The CLD is measured with the Mettler Toledo focused beam reflectance measurement (FBRM) sensor immersed in a particle suspension, for example, crystalline particles in a crystallisation process. The software then performs the necessary calculations to estimate the PSD and the aspect ratio for the particles. Details on the use of the software are contained in the user guides. The software was developed under the EPSRC funded ICT-CMAC project (grant number EP/K014250/1).

Details of the workings of the algorithm behind the software are given in the publications:
[1] O. S. Agimelen et al., “Estimation of particle size distribution and aspect ratio of non-spherical particles from chord length distribution”, Chemical Engineering Science, 123, pp. 629–640, 2015.
[2] O. S. Agimelen et al., “Integration of in situ Imaging and Chord Length Distribution for Estimation of Particle Size and Shape”, Chemical Engineering Science 144, pp. 87-100, 2016.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience using the software. For further details or help using the software please contact the data creator using the contact details contained within the user guides provided.
Date made available6 Mar 2018
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2013 - 2017

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