CdSxSe1-x/ZnS semiconductor nanocrystal laser with sub 10kW/cm2 threshold and 40nJ emission output at 600 nm



This dataset was utilised in the creation of the figures of the Optics Express publication of the same title. The data corresponds to Figures 1, 2 3 and 4 including measurements and fitting/model values. The data is given as .csv, the names of the file identifying the data with the corresponding figure.

More specifically, Fig 1b shows the absorption and emission spectra (normalised) of a type of colloidal quantum dot in solution. Data linked to Figure 2 represents the edge emission intensity as a function of the pump fluence for two structure configuration. It also contains values for the corresponding fitting curves based on the model described in the paper. The fitted values were obtained using Origin 9 and the equation/parameters given in the paper. The inset of Fig 2 plots the spectra of the edge emission for different values of pump fluence. Figure 3 represent 3 spectra: a spectrum under continuous wave pumping and 2 spectra (above the amplified spontaneous emission threshold) under pulsed excitation, corresponding to the 2 structures under study. The data also includes values for the decomposition of these spectra as two Gaussian peaks as determined with Origin 9 software. Figures 4a and 4b are the transfer functions (output intensity versus pump fluence) for the TE and TM0 modes of the laser build from the two waveguide structure. Inset are for the corresponding laser spectra.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production16 Dec 2015

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