Biogeography of key mesozooplankton species in the North Atlantic, by manual counting methods, and egg production of Calanus finmarchicus

  • Webjorn Melle (Creator)
  • J. A. Runge (Creator)
  • Erica Head (Creator)
  • Stephane Plourde (Creator)
  • Claudia Castellani (Creator)
  • Priscilla Licandro (Creator)
  • James Pierson (Creator)
  • Sigrun Jonasdottir (Creator)
  • Christina Johnson (Creator)
  • Cecile Broms (Creator)
  • Hogni Debes (Creator)
  • Tone Falkenhaug (Creator)
  • Eilif Gaard (Creator)
  • Astthor Gislason (Creator)
  • Mike Heath (Creator)
  • Barbara Niehoff (Creator)
  • Torkel Gissel Nielsen (Creator)
  • Pierre Pepin (Creator)
  • E. K. Stenevik (Creator)
  • Guillern Chust (Creator)



Here we present a new, pan-Atlantic compilation of data on key mesozooplankton species, including the possibly most important copepod, Calanus finmarchicus. Distributional data of ten representative zooplankton taxa, from recent (2000–2009) Continuous Plankton Recorder data, are presented, along with basin-scale data of the phytoplankton colour index. Then we present a compilation of data on C. finmarchicus including observations of abundance, demography, egg production and female size with accompanying data on temperature and chlorophyll. This is a contribution by Canadian, European and US scientists and their institutions.,,
Date made available25 Apr 2014
Temporal coverage1 Jan 1990 - 31 Dec 2012
Date of data production25 Apr 2014
Geographical coverageNorth Atlantic Ocean
Geospatial point58.0000,-10.00000Show on map

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