Bi-regional Scotland-rest of the UK Social Accounting Matrix

  • patrizio lecca (Creator)
  • Andrew Ross (Creator)



The bi-regional Scotland-RUK SAM has been developed through the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland Initiative (Ref: ES/L003325/1)). This is based on a UK Industry by Industry (IxI) analytical Input-Output Table. Unfortunately, the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) does not supply the Input-Output accounts for the UK in this form. Furthermore, ONS does not give access to a full set of Supply and Use tables that would enable the straightforward construction of the IxI table. The ONS only publishes a full Product by Product (PxP) IO table, a Use table and an incomplete Supply Table, where some of the entries are suppressed due to confidentiality issues.

The second step is to construct the SAM for Scotland. The starting point is the 2010 Input-Output Table for Scotland produced by the Scottish Government. Data from the households and government income accounts given by the Scottish National Accounts Programme are used to fill the sub-matrices of the SAM. These sources are sufficient to obtain a detailed SAM. However, the lack of data on the secondary distribution processes inhibits a proper assembly of the sub matrix of income transfers between institutions as against what is available for the UK. Therefore, where the information coming from the Scottish sources described above is not sufficient to split payments and receipts among institutions, we use shares derived from the UK SAM to determine the missing values.

Data available for download are the following:

The Scottish SAM ,
The UK analytical Table ,
The UK SAM ,
and the Scot-RUK SAM .
Date made available4 Jun 2019
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data production2010
Geographical coverageUK, Scotland

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