A single emitting layer white OLED based on exciplex interface emission

  • Neil Findlay (Creator)
  • Enrico Angioni (Contributor)
  • Peter Skabara (Contributor)
  • Tell Tuttle (Contributor)



A new triaryl molecule based on a benzene-benzothiadiazole-benzene core has been applied in a WOLED device. This very simple molecule emits from a combination of emissive states (exciton/electromer/exciplex/electroplex) to give white light with CIE coordinates of (0.38, 0.45) and a colour temperature of 4500K.

The dataset consists of two folders. One folder contains a Word document with modelling information on compound 1 and TPA exciplex. The NMA, MALDI, HMRS folder contains a sub-folder of raw data files. There is also two supporting Word documents on NMR spectra and HRMS, and an Adobe pdf relating to Compound 1 MALDI.
Date made available28 Apr 2016
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde

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