A database of the United Kingdom’s exploited hydropower and tidal energy resource as of December 2020



A database of the exploited energy extraction from the hydro-environment (onshore and offshore) of the United Kingdom has been developed. This utilised a wide range of data sources to determine the scale and location of developed schemes. An initial list of sites was developed from the Renewable Energy Planning Database and the Renewable Energy Foundation. Further schemes were added to the database by viewing data from agencies, councils, associations, research organisations, energy developers and general operator and developer’s information pages. Schemes were incorporated into the database only if they had been constructed at were operational at the time of data collection. The data sources were compared to remove duplicate sites and those that were no longer operational.

In total 1172 onshore hydropower and 6 offshore schemes have been identified as operational across the UK and are provided in a spreadsheet in this database. The coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the schemes were determined for most of the sites describing the powerhouse and weir for onshore sites and the turbine location and the onshore connection point for offshore sites. The schemes identified were visually checked using satellite imagery from Google Maps and Apple Maps to ensure that the scheme had been developed in that location.

Additional information about the schemes, particularly the installed capacity and energy generation type amongst other details was also obtained through the data collection process and recorded in a spreadsheet so that each site has information on some or all the following:

• Site name(s)/ Generator name(s)
• Country (Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland)
• Operator and/or developer
• Installed capacity in MW
• Size classification of the scheme (large, small, and micro)
• Hydropower type (run of river, conventional (storage), pumped storage, compensation flow, water reservoir, water treatment works, and tidal stream)
• Powerhouse latitude and longitude coordinates / onshore connection latitude and longitude coordinates
• Intake latitude and longitude coordinates / offshore turbine latitude and longitude coordinates
• Year of commission (Average age of asset was identified as 19 years old)
• Service life (as of 2021)
• Funding mechanism (Renewable Obligation Certificate (RO), Feed in Tariff (FiT), none, unknown)
• Costing
• Construction period
Date made available24 Oct 2023
PublisherUniversity of Strathclyde
Date of data productionSept 2021 - Feb 2022
Geographical coverageUnited Kingdom
Geospatial polygon61.7878,-9.505 , 61.7878,2.2414, 49.5486,2.2414, 49.5486,-9.505

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