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Data for: "Donor-influenced structure-activity correlations in stoichiometric and catalytic reactions of lithium monoamido-monohydrido-dialkylaluminates"

McLellan, R. (Contributor), Lemmerz, L. (Contributor), Okuda, J. (Creator), Judge, N. (Contributor), Kennedy, A. (Contributor), Orr, S. A. (Contributor), Uzelac, M. (Contributor), Hevia, E. (Contributor), Robertson, S. (Contributor) & Mulvey, R. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 23 Apr 2018


Data for: "Effect of barnacle fouling on ship resistance and powering"

Demirel, Y. K. (Creator), UZUN, D. (Contributor), Zhang, Y. (Contributor), Fang, H. (Contributor), Day, S. (Contributor) & Turan, O. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 15 Aug 2017


Data for: "Effect of particle size on hydration of calcium silicate hydrate"

Maddalena, R. (Creator) & Hamilton, A. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 9 Aug 2017


Data for: "Efficient ion acceleration and dense electron-positron plasma creation in ultra-high intensity laser-solid interactions"

Del Sorbo, D. (Data Collector), Blackman, D. R. (Creator), Capdessus, R. (Creator), Small, K. (Creator), Slade-Lowther, C. (Creator), Lou, W. (Creator), Duff, M. J. (Creator), Robinson, A. P. L. (Creator), McKenna, P. (Creator), Sheng, Z. (Creator), Pasley, J. (Creator) & Ridgers, C. P. (Creator), 3 Sep 2019


Data for: "Engineering of Acetaminophen Particle Attributes Using a Wet Milling Crystallisation Platform"

Ahmed, B. (Creator), Brown, C. (Creator), McGlone, T. (Contributor), Bowering, D. (Contributor), Sefcik, J. (Contributor) & Florence, A. (Owner), University of Strathclyde, 29 Nov 2018


Data for: "Enhanced material defect imaging with a radio-frequency atomic magnetometer"

Bevington, P. (Creator), Chalupczak, W. (Creator) & Gartman, R. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 9 Oct 2019