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Data for: "Impact of Laser Frequency Noise in Coherent Population Trapping with Cold Atoms"

Hoth, G. (Creator), Griffin, P. (Contributor), Elvin, R. (Contributor), Wright, M. (Creator), Arnold, A. (Contributor), Riis, E. (Contributor), Lewis, B. (Contributor), Mileti, G. (Contributor), Affolderbach, C. (Contributor) & Gruet, F. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 21 May 2019


Data for: "Comparing neutral (monometallic) and anionic (bimetallic) aluminium complexes in hydroboration catalysis: influences of lithium cooperation and ligand set"

McLellan, R. (Contributor), Pollard, V. (Contributor), Fuentes-Dominguez, M. A. (Contributor), Kennedy, A. (Contributor) & Mulvey, R. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 14 Jun 2018


Data for: "Cathodic Quantum Dot Facilitated Electrochemiluminescent Detection in Blood"

Dennany, L. (Creator), Brown, K. (Data Collector) & Stewart, A. J. (Data Collector), University of Strathclyde, 8 May 2019


Image data for hyperspectral LED/SPAD camera imaging

Griffiths, A. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 29 Nov 2018


Data for: "Rapid scale-up and production of active-loaded PEGylated liposomes"

Roces Rodriguez, C. B. (Creator), Perrie, Y. (Supervisor), Halbert, G. (Supervisor), Port, E. (Contributor) & Daskalakis, N. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 23 Jun 2020


Data for: "High-frequency dynamics of evanescently-coupled nanowire lasers"

Adams, M. J. (Owner), Jevtics, D. (Creator), Strain, M. (Owner), Henning, I. D. (Owner) & Hurtado, A. (Owner), University of Strathclyde, 4 Apr 2019


Remote centre of motion printing experiment data

Lipskas, J. (Creator), Yao, W. (Contributor) & Deep, K. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 8 Feb 2019


Data for: "Quantitative In-situ Monitoring of Parahydrogen Fraction Using Raman Spectroscopy"

Parrott, A. (Creator), Nordon, A. (Owner), Halse, M. (Contributor), Duckett, S. (Contributor), Richardson, P. (Contributor), Semenova, O. (Contributor), Dallin, P. (Contributor) & Andrews, J. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 5 Sep 2018


Data for: "Atomistic Study of Zwitterionic Peptoid Antifouling Brushes"

Lau, K. H. A. (Contributor) & Cheung, D. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 14 Dec 2018


IMU-based angle measurement - algorithm validation by Vicon motion capture

Meng, L. (Creator), Childs, C. (Contributor) & Buis, A. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 31 Jul 2018