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Legislative Professionalism V1.1.1

Greene, Z. (Creator) & Bowen, D. (Creator), Harvard Dataverse, 19 Feb 2020


Remote centre of motion printing experiment data

Lipskas, J. (Creator), Yao, W. (Contributor) & Deep, K. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 8 Feb 2019


Data for: Imaging basal plane stacking faults and dislocations in (11-22) GaN using electron channelling contrast imaging

Gunasekar, N. (Creator), Thomson, D. (Contributor), zhang (Contributor), Bai, J. (Contributor), Jiu, L. (Contributor), Yu, X. (Contributor), Gong, Y. P. (Contributor), Smith, R. M. (Contributor), Wang, T. (Contributor) & Trager-Cowan, C. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 25 Jul 2018


Data for: "Design and fabrication of enhanced lateral growth for dislocation reduction and strain management in GaN using nanodashes"

Shields, P. (Creator), Le Boulbar, E. D. (Creator), Priesol, J. (Creator), Šatka, A. (Creator), Mohammad S, A. (Creator), Gunasekar, N. (Creator), Fox, S. (Creator) & Trager-Cowan, C. (Creator), 11 Oct 2017


Data for: "Deterministic amplification of Schrödinger cat states in circuit quantum electrodynamics"

Oi, D. (Creator), Ginossar, E. (Creator), Joo, J. (Creator), Elliott, M. (Creator) & Spiller, T. P. (Creator), 13 Oct 2017


Data for: "Tunable, CW Laser Emission at 225 nm via Intracavity Frequency Tripling in a Semiconductor Disk Laser"

Rodríguez-García, J. (Creator), Paboeuf, D. (Contributor) & Hastie, J. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 27 Apr 2017