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A synthetic map of the northwest European Shelf sedimentary environment for applications in marine science

Wilson, R. (Creator), Heath, M. (Contributor), Speirs, D. (Contributor) & Sabatino, A. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 7 Aug 2017


A study of lithium diamidodihydridoaluminates

Mulvey, R. (Creator), Pollard, V. (Creator), McLellan, R. (Contributor), Kennedy, A. (Contributor), Orr, S. A. (Contributor) & Hevia, E. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 23 Nov 2017


A single emitting layer white OLED based on exciplex interface emission

Findlay, N. (Creator), Angioni, E. (Contributor), Skabara, P. (Contributor) & Tuttle, T. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 28 Apr 2016


A simple but precise method for quantitative measurement of the quality of the laser focus in a scanning optical microscope

Trägårdh, J. (Creator), Amor, R. (Creator), Travis, C. (Creator), Norris, G. (Creator), Wilson, S. (Creator), MacRae, K. (Creator), Oppo, G. (Creator) & McConnell, G. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 10 Mar 2015


Antibiotic resistance genes found in soils across the entire Scottish landscape (2007-10)

Knapp, C. (Creator), Graham, D. W. (Contributor), Freitag, T. (Contributor), Pagaling, E. (Contributor), Hough, R. (Contributor), Avery, L. (Contributor), Zhu, Y. (Contributor), Su, J. (Contributor) & Zhou, X. (Contributor), 31 Jan 2020


A novel optical microscope for imaging large embryos and tissue volumes with sub-cellular resolution throughout

McConnell, G. (Creator), Tragardh, J. (Creator), Amor, R. (Creator), Reid, E. (Creator), Dempster, J. (Creator) & Amos, W. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 1 Sep 2016


Annotated load anomalies from the REFIT Dataset

Rashid, H. (Creator), Stankovic, V. (Contributor), Stankovic, L. (Editor) & Singh, P. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 6 Feb 2019


An investigation of the crystallisation of CO2/N2O mixtures over a range of pressure and temperature conditions

Oswald, I. (Creator), Connor, L. E. (Data Collector), Pulham, C. R. (Contributor), Morrison, C. A. (Contributor) & Warren, M. R. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 22 Feb 2017


An Introduction to Rydberg atoms with ARC

Pritchard, J. (Creator), Sibalic, N. (Creator), Adams, C. (Creator) & Weatherill, K. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 27 Jun 2017


Angular alignment monitoring using structured illumination from an LED array

Herrnsdorf, J. (Creator), Griffiths, A. (Creator), Lowe, C. (Contributor), Macdonald, M. (Contributor), Strain, M. (Supervisor) & Dawson, M. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 2019


An ambipolar BODIPY derivative for a white exciplex OLED and cholesteric liquid crystal laser towards multi-functional devices

Chapran, M. (Contributor), Angioni, E. (Creator), Findlay, N. (Contributor), breig, B. (Contributor), Cherpak, V. (Contributor), Stakhira, P. (Contributor), Tuttle, T. (Contributor), Volyniuk, D. (Contributor), Grazulevicius, J. (Contributor), Nastishin, Y. (Contributor), Lavrentovich, O. (Contributor) & Skabara, P. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 18 Oct 2016


Analytical Solutions of Atmospheric Drag Perturbation for Orbit Propagation

Di Carlo, M. (Creator) & Vasile, M. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 10 Aug 2018