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Simulation report of cusp electron beam source for terahertz gyro-amplifier

He, W. (Creator), MCELHINNEY, P. (Contributor) & Donaldson, C. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 10 Jun 2016


Sensor data set radial forging at AFRC testbed v2

Tachtatzis, C. (Creator), Gourlay, G. (Creator), Andonovic, I. (Creator) & Panni, O. (Creator), 17 Sep 2019


Sensitive SERS nanotags for use with a hand-held 1064 nm Raman Spectrometer

May, H. (Creator), Graham, D. (Supervisor), Faulds, K. (Supervisor), Shand, N. (Supervisor), Detty, M. R. (Contributor), Bedics, M. A. (Contributor) & Ali, F. (Data Collector), University of Strathclyde, 16 Feb 2017


Sensitive SERS Nanotags for Use with 1550 nm (Retina-Safe) Laser Excitation

May, H. (Creator), Bedics, M. (Contributor), Shand, N. (Supervisor), Faulds, K. (Supervisor), Detty, M. (Contributor) & Graham, D. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 22 Dec 2015


Self-organization and transition to turbulence in isotropic fluid motion driven by negative damping at low wavenumbers

McComb, W. D. (Creator), Linkmann, M. F. (Creator), Berera, A. (Creator), Yoffe, S. (Creator) & Jankauskas, B. (Creator), 27 May 2015


Self-assembly of ultra-small micelles from amphiphilic lipopeptoids

Lau, K. H. A. (Creator), Kendall, T. (Creator), Sefcik, J. (Creator), Ruokolainen, J. (Creator), Reza, M. (Creator), Hamley, I. W. (Creator) & Castelletto, V. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 30 Jan 2017


Selective Mono-and Dimetallation of a Scandium Cp/COT hybrid Sandwich Complex by Lithium-Aluminium Trans-Metal Trapping

O'Hara, C. (Creator), Mulvey, R. (Creator), Martinez-Martinez, A. (Contributor), Kennedy, A. (Contributor), Paprocki, V. (Contributor), Braunschweig, H. (Contributor) & Fantuzzi, F. (Contributor), University of Strathclyde, 1 Jun 2019


Scottish 2012 Electricity IxI table

Connolly, K. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 18 Mar 2019


RoboNDT software

Mineo, C. (Creator), Pierce, G. (Supervisor) & Nicholson, P. I. (Supervisor), University of Strathclyde, 28 Jan 2015


RGB and white-emitting organic lasers on flexible glass

Foucher, C. (Creator) & Laurand, N. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 19 Feb 2016


RGB and VIS/NIR Hyperspectral Imaging Data for 90 Rice Seed Varieties

Vu, H. (Creator), Tachtatzis, C. (Creator), Murray, P. (Creator), Harle, D. (Creator), Dao, T. (Creator), Andonovic, I. (Creator), Marshall, S. (Creator) & Fabiyi, S. D. (Creator), 22 Jan 2020


Review and Analysis of Skills in the Digital Health Sector

Rooney, L. (Creator), Rimpilainen, S. (Creator) & Morrison, C. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 7 Nov 2018